About Pinky’s

The Pinky’s Promise

We promise to put your dog first…always.


The Pinky’s Mission

To achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time possible through customized training programs designed around the needs of the dog.

Who Are We?

We are a team of canine obedience trainers and animal behaviorists with extensive knowledge on animal behavior. Our trainers are trained in classical and operant conditioning, positive reinforcement, deltas, clicker training, and so much more! We’ve trained a multitude of marine mammals including dolphins, sea lions, and whales. We’ve also trained exotic animals such as birds and even reptiles! And of course, we train house pets and specialize in your canine friend!

What Do We Do?

Pinky’s Dog Training separates itself from other dog training companies because we offer highly customized training programs that are specifically tailored to the needs of your dog. Our professional training staff evaluates your dog based on breed, age, attention, attitude, and several other behavioral characteristics which is then used to create a training program for your dog.

We use only humane, positive, and effective training techniques that help build your loving relationship with your dog!

All of our training techniques and practices are based on the foundation of operant conditioning and positive reinforcement. Operant conditioning explains that the consequences that follow behavior shape or modify that behavior. For example, rewarding behavior that is desirable (not begging at the dinner table, sitting when asked, using the bathroom outside) should increase the frequency of that behavior. Conversely, not rewarding undesirable behavior should decrease the frequency of those behaviors.

Our trainers don’t just train your dog, we train you! If you understand animal behavior and can implement the animal training techniques we have studied for years, you will be able to maintain your pet’s good behavior and you will also be able to develop new and fun behaviors for your dog!