Are you ready for dog ownership?

Most people are great dog owners – they walk their dogs regularly, provide a nutritious diet, keep them clean and have them well trained. There are some owners however, who are just darn right bad! They either don’t understand the work that goes into having a dog or they understand it, but just don’t want to put in the work and time. Regardless, it is not fair for the dog.

The idea of owning a dog is very pleasant! Imagine waking up to Fido bringing you the morning paper, then greeting you everyday when you come home from work. But there is a lot of work involved and there are also a lot of potential fallbacks.

Before buying a dog make sure you are fully prepared to take care of it! Just the desire to have a dog is not enough to be ready to have one.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you are ready for dog ownership.

1. Are you ready to train your dog? You will have to get your dog trained. It doesn’t necessarily need to be by Pinky’s Dog Training, but it needs to get done. It is the only way to be safe! You don’t want your dog to run out into traffic or bite a friend or family member, so you will want your dog to be well trained. If you are unable to do it, you will have to be ready to pay someone for canine obedience training.

2. Do you have money set aside for this dog? Before you buy your dog make sure you have enough money to take care of it. The money you will need goes beyond food and toys. Think about vet bills or the possibility of your dog getting a disease or infection that would require long-term treatment. Make sure you are ready to financially respond to these scenarios.

3. Do you have the time? Dog’s need a lot! At the very minimum they need your attention, exercise, and food everyday. But if you are only up to do the minimum then you are not up to owning a dog.

4. Are you emotionally prepared? There will be ups and downs with owning a dog. You will get frustrated when your dog does things maybe it shouldn’t. Training can be very frustrating if you are not using a professional trainer. And let’s face the facts – one day you will lose your pet. It is almost certain you will outlive your pet. Are you ready to deal with that?

Pinky’s Dog Training wants to offer one last tidbit of advice – you probably already know if you are ready for dog ownership! You can feel it! You don’t need to do a whole bunch of research to know – dog lovers just know! Good luck and let us know if you need anything!