Living in a small space with your dog

Dogs and small apartments do not mix. Dogs don’t like them and apartments don’t accommodate the dog. It’s a bad relationship. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take as the leader of your pack to make sure that your dog is properly taken care of.

First, if it isn’t too late – make sure you choose the right breed of dog for your lifestyle! Two Great Danes for your tiny apartment in Millenia, FL will not work. Choose a furry friend of correct size. Also, keep in mind that puppies love to chew and if you don’t have time to care for them in your small space they will find ways to make it even smaller! Consider buying a well trained animal from a shelter or rescue group.

Second, make sure your dog is trained! This is important for two reasons. One, a well trained dog will not chew your shoes up, will not jump up on your friends when they visit and perhaps most importantly will not pee or poop in your apartment. When your dog understands the rules it becomes a pleasure to have around. Second, professional training gives your animal both mental and physical stimulation. This stimulation is crucial to his/her well-being. If your dog is cramped up in your small apartment all day it has a lot of bottled up energy that it may use to partake in undesirable behavior. However, if you are able to use training to harness that energy you can use it to your advantage.

Third, exercise your dog and make sure it has its own toys. The more time your dog can spend outside of the apartment the better! As mentioned above this exercise will allow it to expel all that energy making it more enjoyable to be around once you are back in your living area. Making sure your dog has its own toys to play with is a wise decision. But make sure your dog understands that his toys belong to him just as your Prada slip-ons belong to you. The only difference is – you are allowed to take his toys away from him – he is not allowed to take your Prada away from you.

By being as proactive as possible with choosing a breed, providing training and exercise for your dog, will make living in a small area less of a big deal.