When to start training your dog

When should I start training my dog?

Right now. There is no magic age, time, or scenario to start training your dog. While we believe that professional dog training can start as early as eight weeks old, training fundamentals begin as soon as you bring your puppy home.

Establishing yourself as the caretaker and master of your house begins right away. By feeding and caring for your puppy you are creating the most important element in training – your relationship. Your relationship with your dog will be key in training down the road.

Just like kids, establishing that relationship is vital in successful dog training and pleasant dog ownership. In the very early stages just spending quality time with your dog will help you build trust. Lay down with your puppy, pet your puppy, love your puppy, play with your puppy – just be WITH your puppy. Enjoy its company and let your puppy enjoy yours.

By spending quality time, and showing that you care for your dog, it will aide you well in the coming months as more professional training begins to take place.