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What to know before hiring a dog trainer!

What to know before hiring a dog trainer!

The associate content of Yahoo! recently had some interesting points on how to hire a good trainer. If you’re interested in hiring a dog trainer, it’s important to do your research first. Here’s how to find the best possible dog trainer for your puppy:

Dog Training Style The way your dog trainer trains your dog is the single most important factor to take into consideration. When interviewing dog trainers, ask them what training methodologies they employ. Avoid trainers who use punishment training. Trainers who say they focus on “dominance hierarchies” can also be a problem. These trainers often don’t have a specific system for training dogs, and while dominance can be an issue with some dogs, it’s not typically the cause of problems and clicker and reward based training work more effectively with even dominance problems. You should also avoid dog trainers who cannot explain a specific methodology.

How Long Will It Take? If you’re working on a specific issue with your dog, ask the trainer how long it will take to see progress. Trainers who promise an immediate change are trainers giving you false promises. You should also discuss with the dog trainer the specific plan for training your dog. A dog trainer without a plan is a dog trainer who will be unable to help.

References and Experience There are some excellent dog trainers who are just starting out, and some terrible dog trainers who have been training dogs for years. Thus you need to not only find out how long your dog trainer has been training dogs, but also get references. Any dog trainer worth their salt can teach your dog to sit and walk on a leash. Issues like separation anxiety and aggression, however, require specific experience. Make sure your trainer has experience dealing with your specific dog issue, and get references from people the dog trainer has helped with this issue.

Good Communication The right dog trainer knows that training dogs requires training people as well as extensive knowledge of canine behavior. Your dog trainer should be willing to answer any and all questions. Stay away from trainers who want to train your dog without you present or who seem offended by questions.

Love of Dogs It is vitally important that your dog trainer like your dog, particularly if you’re working on a difficult issue like aggression. When the trainer meets your dog, look for affection and friendliness. The trainer should seem interested in learning about your dog and should enjoy spending time with your dog.

Choosing a dog trainer can involve some research, but doing the work in advance will result in better results, less money spent, and a better relationship between you and your dog.

*Taken from associated content of Yahoo!.