Why wouldn’t you use a Professional Dog Trainer?

When your computer crashes, do you try and fix it yourself? Unless you are one of the lucky ones who understand their computer inside and out, then probably not. What about when your car breaks down? Are you rushing for the toolkit or for the phone book to look up your mechanics number? What if you did try and fix it yourself? How successful would that be? More than likely, you are going to end up making it worse than it already is!

These same thoughts apply to your dog. While your dog doesn’t “crash” or “break down,” it does have behavioral habits that are a problem to you and your family. And while you may think, “eh, it’ll pass” or “I can train him out of this myself,” the chances are, unless you have been trained in the science and art of animal behavior modification, you are going to end up with more problems than you started with.

I don’t care where you get your dog trained. Well, that’s a lie. I would highly recommend and prefer you let Pinky’s Dog Training handle your dog training needs. But I cannot stress the importance of getting your canine professionally trained – even if it is not with us! You only get so many years with your furry friend and having them professionally trained will make them the best possible years.

Don’t rely on a couple episodes of The Dog Whisperer or some blogger who read Dog Training for Dummies. Rely on the professionals. It’s a one time investment that will last your dog a lifetime!