Modifying your Training Routine

In the gym you should modify your workout. In your love life you shouldn’t always go to the same place for date night. And in dog training, don’t expect to follow the same training routine at all times.

When setting up a training program or routine for your dogs the method is simple; do what works and don’t do what doesn’t work. The issues tend to arrive when what used to work – stops working! Luckily, dogs have an innate ability to let us know what is working for them and what is not.

Dog owners tend to assume that once they find something that works, it will always work. This just isn’t the case. It is important to modify your training routine to meet your dog’s needs. For example, say you are using method A to stop your dog from tearing up the sofa. For the first two weeks – it seems to work great! However, by the third week you begin to realize that method A is loosing its effectiveness. Instead of continuing on with method A (which most dog owners do) you need to do two things; One, establish why method A has stopped working and Two, what method should be implemented in addition to or in the place of method A. This is when you give us a call and we can discuss what needs to be done.

Working with Pinky’s Dog Training, you can rest assured that we understand this need for adaptation and that is why we give all of our clients unlimited consultation – even after the training program has ended. As your puppy grows or as your old dog learns new tricks be prepared to change your routine. This will allow for optimal results in the shortest amount of time.