Does my dog really love me?

I recently had a client ask me, “is my dog really excited to see me, or is he just excited because he knows I’ll feed him?” I responded, “that is hard to say, but tell me this, how do you feel when you come home and he’s excited?”

“Like a million bucks,” he said.

Does it really matter what the motives are behind our dogs actions? In some cases, absolutely. But what about the scenario described above? As animal trainers we are trained to look at animal behavior as a science, but as a dog owner, you don’t have to do that. Don’t over analyze it and just enjoy it.

Enjoy your dog. Enjoy its excitement. Enjoy its unconditional love. Enjoy its unquestionable acceptance. Enjoy the fact that your dog is excited…period! Who cares what its about! If it is about the food, then great! Don’t you wish you got that excited about dog food in a bowl twice a day?

Take a lesson from our canine friends: Don’t over think it, because they certainly aren’t.