Pinky’s Dog Training
is a team of animal behaviorists specializing in canine behavior and obedience training. We offer highly customized & tailored training programs with our only priority being the success of your animal.

Our lives are dedicated to animal training. As animal training professionals, you can rest assured that your pet is receiving the most comprehensive, safe, and effective training possible.

Have you had enough of:

  • Pulling on the leash?
  • Barking?
  • Jumping?
  • Chewing?
  • Whimpering & Whining?
  • Peeing in the house?
  • Begging at the table?
  • Digging?
  • Not Listening?

Pinky’s Dog Training can help you now! 


Here’s what to do!

  • Call us to schedule your free / no obligation evaluation! 407.494.1343
  • One of our Professional Trainers will come to your home & complete a behavioral evaluation on your dog, and discuss your training goals.
  • The Trainer will then create a customized training program designed exclusively for your dog! We can begin the training on the spot!